Feed their minds - Mobile Library Project

An aid project by “Horizon Children's Programme” (Nafisa K.) in Western Area/ Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Nafisa K. (Project Manager)

Nafisa K.
The British registered charity Horizon Children’s Programme is presently working to establish a mobile library/ resource centre that will take much needed teaching and learning materials to far-flung village schools in rural Sierra Leone.The library will stock books, computers,stationery items and recreational facilities. The idea of the mobile library in the African school is slightly different to the western school. When the library rolls up at at the African school, it is virtually delivering education to their doorstep, it gives the teacher the tools to teach and the student the tools to learn. Items that will help the school function effectively

The mobile library will be managed by a Project manager who will be responsible for the day to day running and maintenance of the library, a driver and an army of volunteers recruited locally and internationally who will promote group reading during the reading hour at the school. There is a list of volunteers from the UK and Germany interested in working onboard the library when it begins operation.

Long term supporters of the charity, community and faith groups, local schools and individuals in England have donated hundreds of books already in our stores waiting to go out on the mobile library. Our supporters also organise on-going fundraising activities to keep the charity afloat.

The Programme Director who holds a Masters degree in Development studies (SOAS) has experience of delivering successful projects in Sierra Leone. In 1999 she researched the effects of armed conflict on the children of Sierra Leone and wrote her dissertation on the same topic. In 2000 she was commissioned by an Oxford based charity Action for Children In Conflict to design and implement a psycho-social programme for girls who were abducted and sexually abused during the armed conflict in Sierra Leone. She managed this programme until 2003. During this periold she established links with stakeholders in government and grassroot circles. She will ultimately be responsible for driving, monitoring and evaluating the mobile library project.

Donations are needed to add to existing support so that a suitable vehicle may be purchased and equipped/converted and to cover the running costs of the project (wages for the local driver and project manager, petrol and generator costs, maintenance of vehicle).

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Location: Western Area/ Freetown, Sierra Leone

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