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Perspective instead of poverty trap for Indian youth

A project from Be!Fund Deutschland e.V.
in Patna, India

Our textbooks help girls and boys in rural India to start a self-determined work life. Help us to equip even more school classes with books so that young people in India have a chance to get a good job!

Joris H.
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About this project

About the project
Our school program equips young people in rural India with the skills they need to start a self-determined work life. In two states, the program is already part of the curriculum. There we already reach 400,000 students in 1,000 schools. By equipping more school classes with books, we can guide even more girls and boys the way to a self-determined work life. We need 25 Euros per school class for books. For this we need your support!
What do you donate for? 
With your donation we will print our new schoolbook "Beekeeping Project". The book describes the true story of Indian women who became successful beekeepers. With the help of this book and working material the students learn how to build and market their own honey project. In cooperation with beekeepers, they not only learn what marketing is, but also gain insights into honey production. 
What does this change?
- By teaching vocational preparation and entrepreneurial skills at school, the employability of girls and boys increases.
- Stories of women in traditional male professions help to break with gender role stereotypes and contribute to equal rights for men and women.
- The women in the stories serve as role models: they create new career perspectives - especially for girls, but also for boys.
How does the book get into the classroom?
The program is firmly anchored in the curriculum through cooperation with the Indian Ministries of Education. The use of the books in the schools follows a precise plan and instructions. Before the books are used in a school, the teachers are trained in the use of the program.
How is the school program structured? 
Each book is part of an already established and extensively tested book series that focuses on the stories of social entrepreneurs and their businesses. Each book teaches an important skill: how to create a business plan, how to do marketing, what is time management and the importance of networks. With the help of the books, the young people implement business ideas in their own projects and learn important skills along the way to improve their chances on the job market enormously.
Every Euro is transferred to India!
With us, donations are what they should be: Help for young people in India!
To make this work, the members of our registered association work 100 percent on a voluntary basis. All administrative costs are paid completely from our membership fees. Your donation goes directly to the project in India.
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