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Running for Refugees

A project from SIN e.V. - Soziale Initiative Niederlausitz e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

With the project "Running for Refugees", SIN e.V. wants to collect donations to support the volunteer work in its hostels by participating in this year's Berlin Business Run.

E. Wegner
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About this project

The creation of this donation project started with the idea of participating in last year’s 15th Berlin Business Run. Since more than two years, the registered non-profit organization Social Initiative Niederlausitz (SIN e.V.) by now is running three refugee hostels in Berlin. But we do not only understand ourselves as service providers who are concerned with the provision and accommodation of the people who call our hostels their temporary home, but also as their contact persons, mediators and conciliators. Therefore, we additionally would like to support the c. 900 people living in our hostels by benefiting all the ongoing volunteer work on the different spots. The participation in this year's Business Run by 14 employees of all three teams is granting us this chance. 

What volunteer work are we talking about? 

First of all, there are the two main pillars “German Classes” and “Childcare”. Their helpers are aiming at teaching the German language to the refugees and preparing the access to the school education system, as well as offering a daily care for children between the age of three to fourteen. Both offers demand a well-equipped provision of learning, school, crafting, drawing, and painting materials whose costs the volunteers often bear by themselves. We want to use your donations to support the voluntary German Classes and Childcare in purchasing urgently needed materials. The same applies to the conduction of intercultural workshops, excursions, day trips, project, feasts and events, which often demand additional financial resources.

We want to THANK YOU!

Our participation shall not only serve the purpose to collect donations but shall also be a huge acknowledgement to all the volunteers who are supporting us and our work since the beginning. The money gained by this call will benefit the alliances of the districts our hostels are belonging to (Friedenau, Spandau and Reinickendorf).