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Finding and Funding homes for refugees

A project from among us e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Living is a basic necessity of every person. In Berlin 40,000 fugitives still live in emergency accommodation. among us is a non-profit association from Berlin who finances apartments for refugees.

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About this project

Living is a basic necessity of every person, provides security and the habitat for a self-determined life. In Berlin 40,000 fugitives still live in emergency accommodation: in gyms, barracks, in former schools. Bed on bed, mold in the toilet, bare walls - bulk accommodation is dissuasive. Refugees can also be accommodated privately.

What is among us?
The registered charity among us is a non-profit association from Berlin with the aim to assist refugees in finding a new home. Private accommodation offers people the necessary retreat, which they urgently need after an often traumatizing journey to Europe. The association was founded in November 2015 and consists of 15 members. We are currently supporting three refugees from different parts of Africa and can guarantee a complete takeover of existing rent payments.

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How can we help?
While there are flat shares or families who can imagine taking a fledged person, but who can not afford the additional required rent alone. Our goal is to provide the existing living space and provide the lack of financial resources. Thus we offer refugees a holistic solution. Together with the fugitive, we are looking for a living solution that suits him or her. We take care of the establishment of the first own four walls in Germany and the necessary paperwork. In the end, we guarantee the monthly rental payments to the landlord should the fugitives receive no support from the state.

What happens with your donation?
Donation funds are directly used for the financing of housing for fugitives which means paying the rent to their langlords. You can also find out more about us and our activities through our Facebook and Twitter pages. We are happy about your contributions and ideas - and of course about every euro you donate!

We are also present on the betterplace donation page especially for topics related to escape: Just click and donate!

Among us - Finding and Funding Homes for Refugees. Make an extraordinary difference.