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Closed Help us support Rural Cambodian Communities!

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Closed Help us support Rural Cambodian Communities!

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Sustainable agriculture, community development, education, microfinance, and sanitation projects in rural, farming areas of Cambodia. Contributions go toward lifting communities out of poverty and relieving malnutrition.

U. Chanrattana from Trailblazer Cambodia OrganizationWrite a message

Did you know that Cambodia is one of the poorest and most rapidly growing nations in Southeast Asia? The World Bank estimates 40% of Cambodian children are malnourished and a further 11% are emaciated. Chronic malnutrition is causing lifelong damage to the people of Cambodia, but it needn't be this way!

We are Trailblazer Cambodia Organization (TCO), a grassroots not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization that strives to improve the lives Cambodia's poorest citizens: its farmers. Our programs, ranging from agricultural training to educational scholarships empower rural families to sustainably rise above poverty through teaching and community development. The factors contributing to Cambodia's poverty rate, which stands at 20%, are complex and often not clear from the top-down. This is why we engage the members of each village to what problems they face before devising a plan to help them. Using our team of agricultural scientists, community development experts, and field researchers, we create solutions tailored to each challenge the communities, and Cambodia's development network are determined to tackle. Our current projects include:

- Rice Field Fishery Enhancement: Fishing-dependent communities are going hungry in the dry season due to ponds drying up. We are installing 60 refuge ponds to feed 40000 households even in the driest weather.
-School Demonstration Farms: Local schools provide no agricultural training for future farmers, which, in farming communities, is very detrimental to proper farming. We are setting up farms to teach students healthy, sustainable farming methods.
-Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH): rural regions lack basic access to latrines and home water, as well as hygiene education. We are installing water pumps and latrines, and implementing training on hygiene to an expected 1280 rural households to reduce poor sanitation ailments.
-Home Vegetable Gardens: Most Cambodian farmers do not know the value of growing vegetables for nutrition and income. We are teaching several farming communities how to grow nutritious vegetables for household consumption or sale and helping them set up gardens.

Each of these projects is crucial for the well being of rural Cambodians, but they cannot happen just because families need them to. We rely on the generous contributions from people just like you in order to make this world better! Your donation could mean the difference between providing adequate nutrition to a child or not or giving a family access to clean water or not. So we ask you, on behalf of families all across Cambodia struggling with poverty, please join us in this fight! Read over our website, contact us if you have questions, and, if you like what you see, donate!

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