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Closed Support women with cow raising

Moung Russey, Cambodia

Closed Support women with cow raising

Fill 100x100 original lr and new laptop

The cow bank project will direct support to 20 poor women families in self help group with 10 cows for increase income and initiate local business.

Kimsorn S. from Cambodian Youth Development CenterWrite a message

The northwest of Cambodia, therefore, not only remains one the most under developed and wholly agrarian based areas in Cambodia (45% of the population were living under the poverty line in 2008, 6% higher than the national average of 39% ), but it also has the special context of a large landless population, and bears many scars of the recent tumultuous history of the country. Moung Russie can be characterized as rural district in Battambang province north-west of Cambodia. The recent result of community need assessment conducted by Cambodian Youth Development Center and team of volunteer from UK found that, the facts that female-headed households are reliant on just one parent means that their existence is immediately all the more precarious, as should anything happen to the female there is no one to take over her responsibilities.

The proposed cow bank project has designed by women household and community development leaders, this will be directly addressing community base objectives of increasing the availability of income for 20 women in Moung Russey. 20 of poor women household will increase income from cow raising and have capital for business initiative. This possible by provide 10 cows to women group for raising and generate these gifts to support other vulnerable in their communities.
Household availability of cow bank will be increased by maximizing production through improved animal production methods, better group management, improving post-harvesting techniques and value addition, supporting extension services, and promoting income diversification through small business, and organic farm development.
The project will facilitate availability of animal raising and small business by promoting group of women with vegetable home-stead gardening within a household and fish raising. Moreover, the project will develop intervention strategies to help the families to market the animal product, vegetable, fruit and fish in the markets for additional income. In Moung Russey, most women in the area are lack of income and earn from local employment for food day to day. The quality of this produce is very important for the them to get the right price. CYDC will coordinate the group to develop the business plan and marketing strategies. These facilities will help the women group to bring a better quality product to the market and demand better livelihood.

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