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Encounter Choir of the Music School sound-color orange in Oranienburg

A project from Klang-Farbe Orange e.V.
in Oranienburg, Germany

Encounter Choir of the Music School Oranienburg sound-color orange. Here sing Refugees together with locals.

H. Schluß
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From January to April was rehearsing the encounter Choir, a project of the Orange Voices with fugitives in Oranienburger region. With a brilliant final concert with the orchestra of sound color, the band of the music school and many, many guests this project came to an end:
Because everyone involved has made such a joy, the desire to continue the encounter choir as an independent choir originated. This results in costs, such as fees Choral Conducting, transport, rent for premises which are normally covered by a registration fee. For Escaped but this is often not affordable. Here we collect to support this project.