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School books and desks for the children in Kenya

Mombasa (Vukani), Kenya

African Kids e.V. is providing school books and school desks for children and students in Kenya. The executive board members Tanja Sauer and Ole Sauer are arranging any project by their personal involvement.

T. Sauer from African Kids e.V.
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African Kids e.V., an official registered charity, supports the improvement of better school education for the children in Kenya and carries out sustainable action to improve living conditions, e.g. by providing drinking water.

Our current project cares for the provision of school books for all school classes at Vukani Primary School (approx. 30 km south of Mombasa with currently 275 children). We were able to provide books for two classes and Nursery classes recently - we are now targeting to provide access to education for all classes. This also includes school desks.

To reach our goal we are actively collecting donations on one side but also are in close consultation with school management and relevant governmental bodies what we guarantee by our personal and volunteer involvement at all times.

The Executive Board of African Kids e.V. (Tanja and Ole Sauer) are travelling to Kenya 3-4 times a year to coordinate the spendings of donations in the most appropriate manner. At no time any donations will be used for travel costs, lodging etc. These costs are exclusively paid privately at all times. All donations are 100% dedicated to the projects which we coordinate and arrange for personally.

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