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Closed SolidariTea - Tea for Refugees

Idomeni, Greece

SolidariTea is an independent group of volunteers that is serving 10,000 cups of tea per day to those who are stuck at the macedonian-greek border for two months now.

L. Burghardt  | 
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About this project

After having met in November 2015 whilst volunteering on Lesvos and being back home in December the five of us decided that our time of voluntary work would be finished.
The idea of building up an own mobile tea kitchen and travelling down the Balkan route to serve those being stuck at the borders came to life.
Only for that we bought a caravan with the intention of cooking and giving out from the attached tent.

Since almost to month this caravan is now standing in Idomeni Camp at the macedonian-greek border.
In the meantime a lot happened:
The tent broke down - twice -, we moved to a more spacious tent, opened up a second tent at the EKO gas station in Polykastro, another unofficial camp, and managed to build up our own infrastructures.
Together with our supervisors who live in camp themselves we work in three shifts in the "main" tea tent, 16 hours a day with opening hours 8 am - 12 am.
Ever since we came down here we are cooking 2,000 to 3,000 litres of tea per day, resulting in the usage of approximately 10,000 cups, 150 kg of sugar, 7-10 kg of tea and around 70 litres of gas - every single day.

Eventhough giving out tea in an almost hopeless situation might sound strange we can spend at least some warmth during the nighttime where temperatures still drop.
But apart from that we manage to give back a big part of the culture these people miss in this place. Sitting down (at our square or in the tent) with friends and family while drinking tea and being able to forget some of the daily worries - that is something we are very proud of.

To keep the tea tent running we need financial support as well as volunteers being dedicated to the various tasks in the shifts.
Thank you very much for your generosiTea.
Updated at 18. September 2020