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A classroom for Bambylor

education environment

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A Classroom for Bambylor

About the team:
The association Via Verde Bambylor was founded in 2014 in the Senegalese village of Bambylor. Most of its members are from the village itself, while others are from different parts of Germany.

Goals of the Association:
- Create a clean and green Bambylor through environmental education
- Promote social development of the village through the support of children from marginalized families

Activities of the Association:
Children from socially precarious conditions are provided with their daily breakfast and their school supplies by the Via Verde members.The local members have also mentored these children so that they have someone to help them through difficulties in school and for any other issues they may face. Additionally, children have the chance to receive tutoring and get involved in environmental education actions.
Other activities of the association include community clean-ups and tree plantings in Bambylor, gving children the opportunity to learn how to take care of their environment. Recently, Bambylor's youth supported us by creating topic-related graffiti on a school wall.

About Bambylor and the current situation:
Bambylor is a village of 12,000 residents with three primary schools. The learning conditions are very difficult. Students face huge class sizes, between 60 and 90 students in one room. The school Bambylor III lies just outside the village. Currently, one of the classes is taught in a makeshift classroom, which was built with plastic tarps and branches. This classroom will probably not withstand the upcoming rainy season, which is normally takes place from July to November. In order for children to attend classes regularly, it is urgent we build a new classroom.

Since this school is located just outside the village, children also encounter snakes, scorpions and other wildlife around and even in the schoolyard. This can be very dangerous for the children. A wall around the school could protect the students from such risks. With the new wall, it would be also be possible to create a space for a beautiful school garden. Here, the children cannot only learn about gardening, but also practice awareness towards nature. And the best would be the mangoes and tangerines that will be added to the children's breakfast – especially for those who are sent to school with nothing in the stomachs. Life is better when fresh fruits are within reach.

The goals of this campaign:
- Build a classroom
- Build a wall around the school
- Create a school garden

With your donation you create:
1 Euro = 1 small fruit tree
3 Euro = 1 months of breakfast for a schoolchild
5 Euro = 1m² garden
8 Euro = 1/1000 of the classroom
25 Euro = 1m wall
80 Euro = 1/100 of the classroom
8000 Euro = 1 classroom

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