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Closed Greening Students of Yaoundé 1 University

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The project is a green campaign in the University of Yaoundé 1 campus aimed at educating its students and workers on green attitudes when living in the campus and their rooms so that they can contribute to save our planet by going green daily.

Jean Paul Brice A. from Vital Actions for Sustainable DevelopmentWrite a message

More students living in a room at the University campus of Yaoundé 1 have developed excessive wasting of water and electricity’s resources in their room by opening water faucets and letting lights on during just because they know that the costs are not supported by them but by the University authorities and the price of the rent that is very insignificant also include invoices of water and electricity monthly.

The project is a green campaign calling students to become green through attitudes and habits. It will be run from September 2010 to June 2011’s academic year and will see its achievements celebrated during the 2011 World Environment Day. A green campaign inside the campus will sensitize and educate the whole University community especially the campus inhabitants. Activities consists of mobilization of University officials and students around the project; advertisement of educative materials; sensitization and education of students; three training sessions and educative talks for students; a door by door sensitization and discussions; a door by door reparation of water and electricity spoilt materials in the campus rooms; creation of ten green spaces inside the University with public awareness messages for sensitization; clean-up activities; trees planting activity during the 2011 Earth Day celebration follow by the launching of the University Best Green Leaders Contest. Activities will be run by my organization with volunteers, University officials and members of the University clubs.

The project's targeted group is about 1000 people to be served including University students, authorities, and members of the University clubs. The project will make them aware about the dramatic relation between those kinds of behaviors adopted by them and climate change responsible of deterioration of our natural resources like and which is contributing to the lack of water access in several regions around Cameroon and the world. The campaign will make them conscious about their ability to become responsible citizens who can contribute to the development of their country by adopting eco-citizenship attitudes in their daily activities for the safeguard of our planet ! The University will also decrease its amount bills yearly and get new trees planted inside the campus.

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