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An aid project by “ST. MARY'S EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY” (Sheeba G.) in Maheshwaram RR Dist, India

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Sheeba G. (Project Manager)

Sheeba G.
Ours is a registered non-profit organization in Rangareddy Dist AP, India. It started in the year 2003 with 7 members after the survey in rural area among the tribals, Being a Presient of this society I, am the only one working for it for financial support, By this project many underprivileged students will get a back pack of food and study. At present we had taken 92children all these kids will be benefited if they get financial support, and they be benefit thriugh education.Children have a better chance to free from poverty if they stay in school. Biggest challenge: Donations help a child reach his/her potential through our school feeding programmes, Your donations make the child to get Education.

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Location: Maheshwaram RR Dist, India

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