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Closed Send a low-income child to school

This project aims to help ambitious children from a very low-income communities in Antananarivo (Madagascar) to finish Primary School.

Livaniaina R. from Love Your Neighbor MadagascarWrite a message

... "I want to be a Teacher in the future ..." (Vaniah, 06 years old) , "In the future we want to be a pilot because we want to visit many countries ..." (Fanantenana, 13 Years old & Fabien, 11 years old), "I want to be a policeman ..." (Solofoniaina, 09 years old), "I want to be a Doctor ..." (Jenny, 05 years old) ... (Cover picture does not show everyone - some were not home when we visited them)

Those are testimonies of just a few of 14 children from a low-income community in Antananarivo (Madagascar) who have great ambitions and really want to finish school. Unfortunately, their parents do not have the means to help them to accomplish their dream. As a job, the parents do wash clothes, carry bricks or jerry cans of water. For some, the elders help them to earn money because their income is not enough. They earn less than 1€ per day and most of them earn less than 0.6€ per day. Their income does not allow them to send their children to school and most of the children already started school but had to stop. However, they have great ambition and wish to go and finish school.

Therefore, we created this project to help these children finish their primary school, starting in October 2016. The funds we will get here will cover their tuition fees, their school supplies, some clothes with one pair of shoes, and medicines in case of sickness.

Any amount will make a difference in a child's life, Just 13€ will send a child to school for one month, including supplies. 100% of your donation will directly benefit the children.

These costs are per child and per year.

Primary school is about 6 years:
* Kindergarten - about 100€ per child per year
* Concerning the three first years after Kindergarten, one child will need 120€ per year.
* Concerning the two last years, 130€ per year per child.

- 2 children would like to begin their primary school. Their names are: Patricia (05 years old) and Jenny (05 years old). We will need 1440€.

- 3 of the children already finish Kindergarten. Their names are: Mialy (07 years old), Kevinintsoa (07 years old) and Vaniah (06 years old). We will need 1860€.

- 3 of the children already finished the first year at primary school. Their names are: Solofoniaina (09 years old), Jeannine (12 years old) and Sandrina (7 years old). We will need 1500€.

- 4 of the children already finished the first three years. Their names are: Emily (15 years old), Fabien (11 years old), Fanantenana (13 years old) and Heriniaina (11 years old). We will need 1040€.

- 2 children already finished the first four years. Their names are Hanitra (12 years old) and Nicolas (11 years old). We will need 260€.

The funds we need in total is 6100 €.

Do not hesitate to check our gallery pictures, Videos and News to know more about the children. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions, we are at your diposal.