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Closed MARIPHIL Children´s Village - a home for children in need in Mindanao

A project from Hilfsprojekt MARIPHIL e.V.
in Panabo City, Philippines

MARIPHIL Children's Village, located in Panabo City, Mindanao (Philippines), provides street children and children who suffered from neglect, abuse or violence a loving and secure home and opens the chance to a real childhood and better future.

Kerstin Schuette
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About this project

Our utmost concern and motivation: to offer children a bright future full of opportunities!

MARIPHIL Children´s Village offers homeless and defenseless children a secure and loving home. Most of the children arriving at the village experienced malnutrition, lack of parental guidance, abuse, violence or neglect. They lived on the streets and saw their only chance of surviving in begging, stealing and prostitution.
In the Children´s Village they get the chance to be, what they are: children. In an alternative family setting they are raised by a caring Philippine housemother. A professional team consisting of a nurse, educator, psychologist, social workers and volunteers is supporting the mothers in providing the kids with healthy nutrition, hygienic care, proper education, psychosocial support, skills development and much more.

Please help us to open even more children in need the chance to a real childhood and better future!

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