Funded Ten for Ten Campaign

An aid project by “Children's Helpers Worldwide” (Jana L.) in Sacele, Romania

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    I visited this family in their village in May 2010. These ten children are living in extreme poverty. This project gives their father, Sorin, a chance to work to support each of them himself, and it will give them a better start to life. It should also inspire a work ethic within the children, when they see their father working, and will be a very positive influnece in their lives. Children's Helpers Worldwide has linked with a local Romanian organisation to make this project possible and the local staff really understand the needs of the children and families they work with, so I know this project is a very worthwhile one. The Romanian organisation works with lots of children and other families in this village, and in others close by and has appealed to Children's Helpers Worldwide to help support this family by funding the carpentry workshop. I hope this project will get lots of support because it gives these ten brothers and sisters, who have so little, a chance for a better life.
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