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Closed The robots are going on and need help.

Like in the years before hollidays we are organizing our robot-building workshop. We host this workshop since 2007 in cooperation with the "Amt für Soziale Arbeit" and the city Wiesbaden To do so in future we need your help

Christian S. from Chaos Computer Club Mainz e.V.Write a message

Since 2007, we've organized a robot-building event for children in
collaboration with the Amt für soziale Arbeit der Stadt Wiesbaden,
since 2009 in our space at Sedanplatz 7.

The children build amazing robots and and learn programming hands-on.
This does not only include the creative use and understanding of the
technologies surrounding us, but also lots of fun.

The kids participating can build and code either by following existing
schemes or implementing their own ideas. One of the most simple robots
is the so called line-follower, which can follow a black line on the
ground. This requires a complex system in which an optical sensor
recognizes and distinguishes the radiance of the ground and translates
it into commands controlling the wheels.
Other bots use acoustic sensors reacting to ambient sounds, ultrasound
for distance recognition and contacts in order to react to obstacles.
With these sensors and a well-thought through integration of the
engines, the robots can complete numerous tasks, such as obstacle
courses, sorting balls, very simple turing test and, of course, bot
The robots are programmed using laptops. Unfortunately our laptops are
very dated and need to be replaced.
The Lego Mindstorms kits also need to be updated - numerous small parts
have gone missing over the past nine years.

Therefore, we need 4000€ comprising the following:

7 Laptops at 500€ each: 3500€

Various small parts for the robot kits: 500€

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