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Berlin, Germany

PixelHELPER is a guerrilla force for generating moral facts, political art, and humanitarian generosity - to protect the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Oliver B. from PixelHELPER Foundation gemeinnützige GmbH
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We have in Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" over 880 terms replaced by others, and thus thousands of words at the factory so rewritten that a totally new book with a completely different statement has arisen. Herewith we want to protest against censorship and human rights violations in authoritarian states. We can no longer look away when seize on Earth dictators entire states and genocide and repression of freedom are the consequences. The first dictators are astray from the Bosphorus, Kim Jong-un and the King of Saudi Arabia.

The nonprofit pixels Helper Foundation is registered under number 946 791 Publishing with the agency for book market standards as publishing and planning your 100 allocated ISBN numbers for the project to use. Any donation from the 11/09/2016 from 15 € gets from 11.01.2016 the work at the latest as a ebook

PixelHELPER is a guerrilla force for generating moral facts, political art, and humanitarian generosity - to protect the earth and all of its inhabitants. The basic PixelHELPER belief is founded on the principles of the French Revolution, “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.” These principles are needed to fight against political apathy. Our vigilantism based on art offers all possibilities for a lasting change in society.

PixelHELPER is one of the most innovative political incubators of action art and represents an advanced form of this art. Art must trigger pain, provoke, and rebel. It is about art as a form of social self-assurance in the spirit of the Enlightenment. Our campaigns show the possibilities of of art as the fifth power in a country. Art is therefore not a mirror of reality, but a hammer which enacts positive change.

In 2009, Attac, a global non-profit organization, awarded the founder of PixelHELPER their prize entitled “Start Your Own Revolution” for his work for the homeless in Germany. In 2013, PixelHELPER launched a “Homeless Shitstorm Campaign,” which attracted a great deal of media attention, including a feature article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In 2014, PixelHELPER heated things up with ten campaigns at the US Embassy about the NSA Scandal. These weekly light projections were done to keep the NSA Scandal in the news.

With the 2014 start of the Live Stream Crowdfunding App, PixelHELPER strives to create a revolution of humanity. No other organisation is so involved with light projections as a form of social action as PixelHELPER, which results in significant media attention. In 2015, PixelHELPER brought nation-wide attention in Germany overnight through a light installation on the Federal Ministry of Defense exposing the Dr. Oetker Company’s significant involvement in the sale of weapons.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead