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Closed Donate money for my volunteer service to support disadvantaged girls!

Jodhpur, India

I want to spend one year in India as a volunteer in order to support Dalit girls and women who are too often the victim of discrimination, violence, poverty, child labour and analphabetism. You can help me!

Franziska K. from DRK in Hessen Volunta gGmbH | 
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About this project

Being a woman means to suffer from many disadvantages in India. Especially in poor regions girls have to work in the household from a very young age on. That does not change when they get married: They have to move to their husbands' house and are forced to work for their new family that they are normally not allowed to choose. Another great problem is violence: Every five minutes a woman in India experiences domestic violence.
In such a life, there is no room for education. About 70% of all the women in India are analphabets. In Rajasthan, a rather conservative region in the north west of India, the percentage is even higher.
Especially the so called Dalits are affected by injustices and poverty because they are at the bottom of the caste system and therefore considered "untouchable".

Sambhali Trust wants to change that. This NGO helps Dalit girls and women from Rajasthan to build up their self-esteem, to become more independent and to take their own decisions.The women and girls get the opportunity to learn to read and write, to gain basic knowledges in English,maths and other subjects and to visit a sewing class as a possibility to make their own profit later.

My name is Franziska and I was very lucky because I got a good education regardless my gender. here in Germany. In May of this year, I will make my A-levels and then I would like to make my dream come true: I want to go to Jodhpur, India, and support the Sambhali Trust for one year.
Volunta gGmbh, an organization by the German Red Cross, has made this possible for me: Within the framework of the state-funded programme "weltwärts" they will send me to Jodhpur where I will teach girls and women in one of the Empowerment Centers by the Sambhali trust.
Of course I will also gain precious experiences with the Indian culture and the people there and I will have the possibility to be part of a community of volunteers from different countries as well as from India who have the aim to enable a global communication and the cooperation.

If you are against the discrimination of Dalit women as well, please help me to fulfill my dream! Together we can change the lives of many girls.
Updated at 25. February 2021