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Closed “Dreams for kids – forgotten shadow kids“

Our project “Dreams for kids – forgotten shadow kids“ aims at enabling families with terminally ill children to take a free vacation, focusing on the siblings. They can spend a carefree time and are finally able to be nothing but a child again.

M. Hemmersbach from Träume für Kinder - gemeinnützige UGWrite a message

About us

The people behind this project are Kerstin and Marc Hemmersbach from Geldern-Walbeck (near Cologne), Germany. 30 years ago we started to get involved with social projects. For many years we fulfilled the dreams of terminally ill children. After we had to experience the loss of a child ourselves, we were unable to work in this field any longer. Since then we have taken care of terminally ill children’s siblings. In the hard times that they are facing, we make sure that they can above all still be who they should be: happy children.

Our project

In most cases, families with terminally ill children neither have the time nor the financial resources to do justice to siblings in the appropriate way. Treatment and medication require investment, so that the family budget is often not even big enough for ice cream with friends, or going to a movie. In many cases the consequence is social exclusion of the siblings.

Our project “Träume für Kinder – vergessene Schattenkinder“ (“Dreams for kids – forgotten shadow kids“) aims at enabling affected families to take a free vacation, focusing on the siblings. That way we want to provide those families with a possibility to spend more time together and to pay more attention to the siblings. They can spend a carefree time and are finally able to be nothing but a child again.

In the long term, we would like to buy a holiday resort that allows the families and the siblings to take a break/have a holiday, free of charge. Unfortunately it could still take years until we have collected the amount of money needed. All in all, we are de-pendent on donations to the amount of 850.000 €.

In order to be able to already become active at this point of time, the Dethleffs Family foundation has provided us with a free camping trailer for the period of one year. Your support already enables us to park it on a family friendly campsite for one year and to welcome the first families there soon. The maintenance of the pitch, as well as the supervision, handover and similar tasks will be carried out voluntarily by our-selves.

We already realised with your support the rent of the campsite for one year. We need the required amount of 2.000 € to ensure the pitch rent. In detail we need 1.200 € for the pitch rent and 800 € for child-friendly fencing.

We say thank you.

A small action can achieve a great deal!
Your donation helps children to experience a piece of normal childhood and to spend a memorable time with their families. Your help enables us to influence a lot of young people´s destiny in a positive way and to give a little more joy of life to children.