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KASULU, Tanzania

Educating youth on HIV/AIDS through sports

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About this project

Tanzania has hosted refugees from countries in the great lakes region since the 1930s. Since 1993, Tanzania has been host to hundreds of thousands of Rwandan, Burundi, and Congolese refugees. Currently there remain about 63,000 refugees from DRC in Nyarugusu camp. Up to May 2015 a total of 45,000 refugees were received in Nyarugusu refugee camp
A 2007 survey showed HIV presence in the general population at 3 percent and among commercial sex workers at 38 percent, as well as a rapid increase in prevalence in rural areas. Causes of the epidemic include commercial sex work, widespread presence of multiple concurrent partnerships, and low rates of male circumcision. Gender-based violence – Women and girls are especially vulnerable to sexual violence and HIV infection during crisis settings. One in five refugees globally has reportedly been the victim of sexual violence – a figure that is likely underestimated. Family planning – More than 23,000 women and girls in Nyarugusu camp are of reproductive age; many of them seek contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the camp. Family planning is also the most effective way to reduce the number of unsafe abortions, maternal deaths, and pregnancy-related disabilities. Unsafe abortions are responsible for 50% of maternal deaths in refugee settings. Most of the UN agencies in Nyarugusu have merely concentrated of helping refugees on food, heath care, water, sanitation, shelter and other related matters, but forgetting that the small area of the camp can easily and at high speed transmit HIV in a short time and be a big problem to the Burundians and the surrounding community in Tanzania. The project will reduce the problem of HIV and STDs in general to Burundians refugees in and out of the camps.

Purpose and Mission of the project
The purpose and mission of the project is educate the Burundian youth aged 12 – 35 years on HIV/AIDS and HIV prevention measure through sports and games in Nyarugusu refugee camps. The project will involve different sports and games to bring the youth’s good psychology for learning. Lessons on HIV prevention will be done in different two ways;
1. Sports and Games Methodology
Issues on HIV prevention will be addressed before sports/games, during the break –time, and after sports.There will be inter-camps sports and games exhibitions, peer educators councils and groups to easily bring about sustainable environments for teaching the youth on HIV prevention
2. Peer educators Methodology
Selected peer educators will be trained on the HIV prevention measures to be tough to their follows. Peer educators will be using group discussions, debating and though outstanding camps.
Updated at 18. September 2020