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School lunch for poor children

A project from al omri - Kinderhilfe Palästina gemeinnütziger e.V
in Gaza, Palestinian Territory

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O. Berthold
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About this project

The economic situation in Gaza is catastrophic. She always was difficult, and numerous wars, blockades and political disputes have made it unbearable. The industrial and agricultural lie in shatters, the majority of people can not afford healthy food.

The victims are mainly children. They need a varied, protein rich diet for normal growth and good mental development. A lot of the families in Gaza cannot provide this for their children. They don't get enough to eat or eat plenty - but cheap food high in calories, low in nutrients. This is also the reason why there are many overweight children in the Gaza Strip, which still show signs of malnutrition.

It is our main goal to improve this situation. At least for some children. Therefore, Sister Susan closely cooperates with several schools for provide a daily school meal.

Why provide food in schools? Because this is an incentive for many parents to send their children back to school. And so we achieve two goals: the children get better nutrition, and they go back to school and learn to read and write.

We try to live up to our own stadards. Therefore, legumes are an integral part. These grow still partially in the Gaza Strip and are therefore quite reasonably priced for a high proportion of protein and vegetable iron. There often is one meat meal per week. Although we know that animal welfare in the Gaza Strip is not yet widespread, this represents an important source of essential vitamins for growing children. And of course, the schools include daily fruit and vegetables to the diet.

Since we have begun, the teacher report of happier, more focused students and children who back to schools at all. Previously they had to help their families to make their living.

Schools receive depending on size between 2,600 NIS (527 EUR) and 4,000 NIS (811 EUR) per month for food, cooking gas and consumables.