Funded placet. e.V.

An aid project by “placet e.V.” (U. Wolff) in Berlin, Germany

U. Wolff (Project Manager)

U. Wolff
Our mission

To help alleviate suffering and restore human dignity to victims of terror, war, torture, land mines and ethnic cleansing by providing them with the latest Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery treatments.

Founded 2001 in Berlin, Germany, placet is a non - profit, non - governmental organization whose members from around the world volunteer their time, surgical expertise and organizational skills to fulfilling its mission.Severely injured patients whose injuries do not permit them to be treated in their home countries are identified and referred to placet through non-governmental organizations and churches working in affected regions throughout the world. Once a patient is selected placet works with these organizations to arrange transportation to Berlin and housing there throughout the treatment.
Treatment consists of reconstructing the physical disfigurements to provide the best possible functional and aesthetic outcomes as well as taking special care to address the psychological trauma.

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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