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Romania – 885 dogs need a new roof over their heads!

Campulung, Romania

Romania – 885 dogs need a new roof over their heads!

Campulung, Romania

new animal shelter according eu-directives for approx. 800 former street dogs in Romania. protection from killing and help on the spot with castrations privately owned shelter german non profit organization

S. van Staveren from Freundeskreis der Straßenhunde in Campulung e.V. | 
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About this project

"I lower my cap - the wind this morning is pretty frosty. As I turn around the corner, I notice the box right in front of the shelter entrance. I accelerate my steps and close my eyes while a well-known thought crosses my mind: hopefully they survived the night. I open the box and hear a faint whimper. At first glance they seem to be ok. A smile flits across my face and I am happy. I take the box under my arm, unlock the shelter entrance and while the barking is slowly getting louder, another well-known thought comes to mind for which I must not be ashamed of: this has to stop."

No question - we do love puppies as much as you do! But the small cuties are often undesired and sentenced to die. For the homemade "problem street dog" and the related suffering the only sustainable solution is castration. And that is what we stand for!

As if supplying approx. 800 dogs in the shelters of Asociata Anima in Campulung, Rumania isn’t challenging enough, the news of the financial meltdown hits us in April 2014: the entire shelter must leave! The landowners want to sell their property – and that needs to happen fast! Now the biggest question is: where do we get the remaining 200.000 EUR for building a new shelter? And here is where BetterPlace, and of course you come into play :) 

An appropriate piece of land which can be used for 49 years for free was given to us by the city Campulung. In addition, the city has already installed water and electricity lines, and has built an access road to the shelter premises. The first phase of the construction - paving the ground and its fencing - is already in full swing and will be completed in the upcoming weeks.

Around 65.000 EUR (as of March 2016) has already been donated for the construction of the new shelter by our loyal supporters and members. At this point a big thank you for your trust and for this huge chunk of money: with this money we have been able to finance the first phase of the construction - hurray!

The city and its officials, assured us that they will hold the landowners in check until our beloved dogs can move into the new shelter, built according to the EU directives. However, only under predetermined conditions. We must start immediately with the second phase after the last frost has crawled out of the ground. The concreting of the ground is expected to swallow an incredible 150,000 EUR...

Please do not be discouraged by the huge amount of money. The construction of the new shelter can also be done in stages – as long as the landowners see that we are making traction, we will get the time we will need. 

Please help us to achieve this goal and donate now! No matter how small the amount of money may be that you can spare - every single euro counts… You will be personally responsible for bringing a better life for almost 1.000 dogs, which for sure they are deserve!


Updated at 18. March 2020