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Closed "Refugees Welcome" Step 3: devolution & sustainability

Why shouldn't refugees in Germany be able to live in shared flats (or other normal housing situations) instead of mass accommodation? We thought the same & found a way to make it possible.

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“Refugees Welcome” is a platform that was founded in November 2014 to connect refugees with locals who are willing to share their living space. This can be in form of a traditional flatsharing arrangement, in a family context, with a single parent, or maybe a single person who has extra space available in their home. The core element of the concept is that some form of cohabitation is attained that displays all the advantages of living within a community. We are here to answer queries about cohabitation and to apply on your behalf for cost coverage through federal funds. Further information is available at http://flü

Your previous donations have enabled us to establish structures that we can build upon in the near future. As an not-for-profit organization, we have placed almost 300 refugees in flatshares in Germany. In addition, you have helped us build an international network that is now operating in nine countries, apart from Germany, which is an amazing achievement given the short time we have been online. We are truly greatful for all your genorosity! None of this would have been possible without your support! You can find more information about our project on our website. Please visit

“Refugees Welcome” is critical of prevalent centralized housing policies of placing refugees in camps which stigmatise and isolate people and hinder their social mobility. We are therefore invested in pushing for decentralised and socially-sound housing solutions for refugees. In the long run, we want to contribute to the creation of an open society which is based on the principles of solidarity and equality.

Our core team consists of nine people who manage the refugee matching process, public relations, design & IT, as well as international outreach and finance. We will continue to work hard on scaling up “Refugees Welcome” effectively and sustainably, with the goal to offer as many refugees as possible the opportunity to live flatshares rather than camps.

And we are making progress: in an effort to regionalize our operations, three members of our core team have left Berlin in February to open offices in Hamburg, Munich and Leipzig. These offices oversee our work in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Saxony. Through more locally-oriented work practices, we establish and coordinate local volunteer groups, provide information to partners of interest and expand our network with local, like-minded organisations. Having established regional offices has proven essential in fastening the matching of people.

We thank you for your support, which rendered “Refugees Welcome” possible in the first place. In order to keep up the work we do, we need your continued financial support. We therefore ask you to place a donation and keep this organization and cause alive. Thank you.