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Closed Let's support education for the Pokot child

The school project construction for the learners will compose of two structures, one block will be for classes with two classrooms. The other block will be for the administration block that contains various offices units. The project will

N. Korii from ACK St James SchoolWrite a message

The A.C.K (Anglican Church Of Kenya) St. James Primary School is a church sponsored project started way back in 2009 as a kindergarten (nursery school). The nursery school was named The Mt. Olives School which later registered as A.C.K St. James School. The establishment of the school was through a realization that most public schools in the region were miles and miles away. The children who come near the church were suffering a lot by walking long distances to school. They walk through the cold chilling morning to school and through the scorching sun in the evening. The quality of education in public schools is also compromised, the values and teachings tough by different church sponsored schools were quite different from those thought by the Anglican Church. This however brought to the attention of the church to start a school.
Economic status of the Community.
St. James Church is surrounded by a community whose economic background is averagely below poverty level. Majority of them are the rural poor communities who eke their living through animal products. The vicious cycle of poverty among the Pokot Community is high. Keeping of animals is their main economic activity. Dairy farming can thrive well in this region because of its ecological position
Project statement
The A.C.K St James School being a church affiliate school was formed on the basis of young children walking long distances to the nearby schools under the cold chilly morning and scorching sun in the afternoons. It was also a realization that children of the congregants lack basic teachings of the church. The Christian teachings and principles are needed to be nurtured to the young children at a younger age which moulds them to be responsible citizens when they grow up. Without these teachings, children grow up and adopt different views contrary to the church and hence lapse into spiritual disinterest, occasionally some will rebel by adopting a pagan religion. Some will become absorbed in the quest to build a career with no thought of God. We have witnessed quite a number of them who did not attend Sunday school during their time. They have grown to be forgotten about their role in the church.
Since its inception in 2009, the school has gradually grown into a fully fledged school with a nursery and a primary school. The school has three classrooms for nursery classes A, B, C. The primary school is at standard/grade four. Many parents wanted us to opened up to standard six but we declined due to unlimited space for extra class.
The first pupils who came in 2009 used the old semi permanent building which was our old church. We have divided the building into three classrooms to cater for the nursery school. Renovations for the classrooms were done in July 2013 by cementing the floor and proper mudding of the walls to keep the class warm. The other primary pupils learn in classrooms that were built in December 2013.