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Qualified education for youth in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

This education project deals with the creation of a secondary school in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. In the slum "Abobo" the school "Collège EPD" offers young adults (free) access to further education.

R. Schreck from CHANGE - CHAncen.Nachhaltig.GEstalten e.V.Write a message

"On the northern fringe of the Ivory Coast’s economic capital Abidjan, lies the Abobo-Akeikoi district. Of its ca. 142,000 inhabitants, most have emigrated from the countries interior either fleeing civil strife or seeking economic opportunities. Abidjan’s social, logistic, and financial infrastructure is inadequate to deal with its rapidly growing population. This can be seen in sectors such as public education, where only three secondary schools are responsible to cater education to over 1.6 million inhabitants. Furthermore, the quality of education in the city is worrisome.

Our partner organization Education-Paix-Développement has therefore founded a secondary school with an innovative pedagogic and social agenda in 2010. At the school, which is accredited by the state, between 600 and 800 youth from low income families can pursue advanced degrees (up to university entrance diplomas). At the moment the school finances itself through low student tuitions. Unfortunately, the lack of income due to the poor financial capabilities of the local population threaten the school's financial stability and quality.

Which is why our project has three distinct goals: first, to improve the schools overall quality with the construction of a library, and two laboratories – a computer lab and a clinic. Second, to improve the general health of the students through free healthcare at the school and other preventative measures. Third, to assist our partner organization EPD in offering more students educational opportunities at the school.

Neither the german CHANGE e.V. nor the ivorian EPD have the means to finance this project. Therefore, we are extremely reliant on financial assistance in the form of donations. The school is suffering acute financial difficulties this year and is more reliant on our help than ever before. In order to meet the threats at hand and achieve the three aforementioned goals, we have decided to participate in this Fundraising Challenge.

The exceptional asset of this project is, that a small donation can support a self-perpetuating system that can secure improved education, work and health for thousands of people. For more information about what makes this school so special and what this project seeks to achieve, visit our hompage:
(in german as of now unfortunately)

In the section labeled “News” you can be regularly updated with the projects progress. It’s worth a peek! Thanks so much for your support."