Funded Drought in Ethiopia: Clean water saves lives!

An aid project by “AMREF Deutschland e.V. (Geschäftsstelle Berlin)” (J. Herlinghaus) in Semera, Ethiopia

J. Herlinghaus (Project Manager)

J. Herlinghaus
"Since 2010 I´m honorary member of the board of Amref Health Africa in Germany. The charity has 59 years experience working with the most marginalised and vulnerable communities across sub-Saharan Africa to create lasting health change. For its work Amref Health Africa has won high-profile awards such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Award for Global Health." Edgar Berger

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Living without water is not possible – but extreme water shortage is a devastating reality for the people in Ethiopia. The El Niño global climatic event has wreaked havoc on Ethiopia’s summer rains. This comes on the heels of failed spring rains, and has led to food insecurity, malnutrition and water shortages in affected areas of the country. More than 10 Mio people are in need of immediate assistance. More than 400,000 children are suffering from severely acute malnutrition. And the numbers are increasing. Access to clean water is a rare commodity.

Afar, an arid region anyway, is the most affected region in Ethiopia. There hasn´t been a single drop of rain for months.
What people in Afar need most these days is access to clean water. That´s why we are asking for your support to build a functional water source. Herewith hundreds of lives would be saved.
The water source will be build using local materials and with active participation of the local community. With your support we will also be able to offer complementing training for the local community on how to use and maintain the water source. This ensures the project is sustainable.
Additionally, hygiene and sanitation promotion will be conducted to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases. Waterborne diseases like diarrhea and cholera are upon the leading causes of death in Africa. Every hour 115 people in Africa are dying because of illnesses caused by poor hygiene standards, poor sanitation or contaminated water.
To build the water source and to implement the hygiene promotion €2,900 (GBP 2,350) are needed. Obtaining this sum will allow access to clean water for 250 households!

Emergency food for children
As the emergency food storages are depleting, additional nutritional supplements for malnourished children are urgently needed. Midwifes, that have been trained by Amref Health Africa, are currently involved in the drought response, working with mobile health teams to reach out to the people in the very remote areas. The midwifes are screening malnourished children and pregnant women who are desperately waiting for additional supply of emergency food. Ensuring treatment of 200 children for two weeks requires €2,000 (GBP 1,615).

Thank you for your generous support!

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Location: Semera, Ethiopia

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