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Westwind Hamburg e.V. - Fahrräder für Bedürftige - Mobilität in Hamburg

A project from Westwind Hamburg e.V.
in Hamburg , Germany

Refugees Bicycle Hamburg

Christian G.
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Our main concern is to enable refugees to be mobile. Mobility is important in so many ways: to get to German classes, to escape the daily routine in the ?refugee accommodation, to get to the doctors, to go to school, or simply to be able to meet up with friends. Not to mention that mobility makes social participation possible.

We see ourselves as part of the refugee integration process.

How does that work?
We collect donated bikes, repair them and make them roadworthy, and pass them on to people who are here seeking refuge.— Bicycle tyres are changed. Brakes are refurbished. Lights are repaired (or if there aren’t any, we fix some on). Gears, chains etc. are replaced, if necessary. Everything that can go wrong with a bike is our business. The managers or social coordinators of the refugee shelters take care of distributing the bicycles, refugees can ask to be put on a waiting list.

The story behind the idea:
It started in august 2015, when we felt we wanted to get involved. We simply had the feeling that we urgently needed to do something to help — to do something for the people seeking refuge in our country. The founders of this project are regular cyclists, and one of us is an experienced bicycle mechanic with 20 years of experience. Cycling is in our blood, and the question arose: What can we do with our skills and our passion? So, an idea was born. 
So far, we’ve passed on over 800 bikes, and are not done yet. And there are more than 30000 refugees in Hamburg.

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