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Closed Give a chance to orphans to live in a better house

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The project is a construction of house to orphans and they are the beneficiaries of this one.they will live in the house and will still be support by the association in education, health,nutrition, wearing and hobbies areas.

c. BILEP BILEP from Association Le Bon Samaritain (A.BO.SA)Write a message

Created in 1997, because of the huge of number of orphans in PK14 area (95%). With some members,Reverend Father André Moudassi, decided to create an association which mission will be to take care of this orphans. Legalisunder thed on 25 september 2003 (182/RDDA/C19/BAPP). The situation excited us to search for an efficient and definitive solution.After 4 workshop, we decided to create an orphanage. Today we have 31 children.
In 2008 we bough a piece of land in 2008 (1000 m2) in Log Bessou Bassa Douala V fth and the number of the certificate of land sales is: 33752/W.we asked technical studies of the project by a specialist entreprise.On 10 march 2010 our orphanage was demolished by douala municipal council. So today all our children are living in christian families.
Currently we have 30 people who are working on this project.They are occupying the following posts: 03 administration, 04 social assistants, 08 volunteers, 02 construction technicians,04bienfaitors, 09 agricultural workers.
The project will benefit firstly to 100 children, inside our community and in our neighbouring communities. Secondly, to the population of the area. And thirdly to the goverment through its education, specialist health institutions, workers in entertainment area, students/ women/unemplyed young people.
The project will benefit to 504 people accross the country.
Beneficiaries will get: Orphans: they have education, health, nutrition, housing, wearing and entertaiment, training support; workers: through salaries;population around (women, students, unemployed people): training and financial or material support (when available);local associations: also through training programmes, with particular attention on associations of persons living with HIV.
The biggest challenges we are facing are: to find 95% finance for the construction of our orphanage and to be supported in our action by donors in 70%, to help more than 3% of our children to become socially and economically independant, to contribute at 15% to the reduction of HIV infection between mother and child in our community, ensure 10% of financial autonomy to the association, to contribute at 15% to the fight against poverty through training opportunities in favour of people in need in our community and elsewhere in the country, to create a nursery and primary school, with infirmery for our community.
In order to attain those objectives we are looking for financial support over the public and private sector, nationally and internationally.We plaed the funding as follow: 5% by association; 75% private cooperation; 20% public sector.

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