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Donate for the Place of Meditation near Frankfurt

A project from Samarpan Meditation Deutschland Stiftung
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

We would like to create a place of meditation which is located in a quiet and natural area in the surroundings of Frankfurt. This place shall provide the opportunity to all interested people to go within, to meditate and to find peace. Free of cost.

H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swami
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About this project

Today, through the means of communication and transport the whole world is connected. If there is a turbulence anywhere in the world, the whole world gets affected. There should be places of peace so that peace can be spread over the world. We would like to create a similar place in the surrounding of Frankfurt from where peace can spread. People from any race, religion, country – anyone - can come there and meditate and feel peace. Our spiritual teacher, H.H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swami explains that for world peace we should first have peace in ourselves. You can only get inner peace when you realize that you are a Soul. That’s why in the Samarpan Meditation Method we chant „I am a holy Soul – I am a pure Soul“. This mantra is not as simple as it looks. Our spiritual teacher has meditated for 60 years with this mantra. Millions of people are connected through this mantra in this world and people practice it.
If we can create such a place of peace then people from all over the world can come and find peace.
Before you donate, we recommend that you first chant for half an hour:
„I am a holy Soul – I am a pure Soul“.
Do it for 45 days and experience it. You will see a positive change in your life. And only donate if you get a good experience. We can say this with lots of confidence only because millions of people have experienced a positive change. Even you can try and get an experience

Description of the project:
At the place of meditation people shall have the option to stay for a short or longer time during the day or for couple of days for example during weekend seminars. The stay and activities at the place of meditation shall be offered free of cost. All monetary costs shall be covered by donations. In order to realize this project we are looking for land in the surroundings of the major hub of Frankfurt which can be reached easily even by people who don't live in this region. The place shall ideally provide overnight stay facilities for approx. 20-25 people, a meditation room and quiet places outside in nature where one can contemplate in solitude.
With this project we would like to make a positive and long-lasting contribution for society because by becoming peaceful inside we make a substantial contribution to peace in the world. Furthermore, meditation has well-known beneficial effects on health and on the prevention and amelioration of stress and stress-associated diseases. In today’s insecure and stressful world, the opportunity to have a place where one can find peace is a priceless gift.
In case you have any questions please contact us at or 0049-15772782252.