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Closed Menstrual Hygiene: Keep girls in school..period!

A project from Community Development Network
in Douala, Cameroon

menstrual hygiene management, Cameroon, community development network

Finley Gana F.
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About this project

The overriding objective of the project is to ensure the target school girls will not have to miss
school simply because they are menstruating. Other objectives are to:
Ø Improve school attendance among girls between the ages of 10- 17 in primary &secondary schools.
Ø Increase access to vulnerable adolescent girls with sanitary pads and comprehensive
menstrual hygiene management knowledge and risk awareness of HIV&AIDS among in school and out of school girls;
Ø Increase the self-esteem of needy girls between ages 10 to 17 years and improve
economic status for out of young women between 18-34 years; This sanitary pads project targets school-going girls from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds in their puberty. Community Development Network is raising funds to provide free sanitary pads to female students in selected rural communities in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon. The Initiative will distribute the pads to girls in more than 1500 girls in over 300 schools, both primary and secondary schools.