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Will you help us support Orphand in uganda?

K. Thakkah
K. Thakkah wrote on 24-05-2016

In recent years, tens of children have been directly affected by the conflict in Uganda, thousands of children have been abducted and forced to serve and fight in the conflict, while thousands more have been starved, displaced, attacked and deprived of their basic needs and security. The conflict has exposed the children and youth to gross human right violation ranging from abduction, inadequate feeding, sexual abuse, deprived of education, lack of proper shelter, clothing, lack of parental love and care and worst of all many are suffering from broken families. Due to all these problems above and with the strong emphasis on children and youth engagement Divine Offspring Mercy Ministries Uganda came out to transform the life of youth & children in accordance to the doctrines of the Christian faith. Will you support us give this children shelter, food, Medical care, school fees, scholastic materials volunteer in person with us or connect them with those in whom you know can support them physical and spiritually? thinks about it and give them support today, 20$ 50$ or more God will bless you when you bless his people! Limit 600x450 image


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