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A project from Shirdi Sai Global Trust, Germany
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International online peace group. Worldwide team work and synchronized meditations. The project is supra-denominational and joins people of all religions and spiritual traditions.

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About this project

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What it is about

On January, 1st, 2014, during a Global Peace Meditation (GPM) the impulse was given to establish an international online group which would meditate daily for global peace. The project is supra-denominational and joins people of all religions and spiritual traditions.

In March 2014 the first of the monthly telephone conferences took place with about 250 participants. In June, the project was integrated with its own website ( into the Shirdi Sai Baba Trust. Donations are deductible.

Original goals

The first step is to establish a group of 1 000 people, who meditate daily at the same for the peace in the world. The second step is 10 000 and the third step one million people.
At the moment (02/01/2018) there are 780 participants in the group.

2016 – The project GPM gets bigger

Creation of a peace group, who is specifically trained in meditation techniques. The entire project is aimed at raising global and individual consciousness.

Only raising our level of consciousness makes it possible to solve the present conflicts on this planet. This is the precondition that all living beings can live in peace together and can experience wealth and harmony.

Worldwide team work

Synchronised meditations with other peace organizations and groups, in order to quickly respond to present events. There are cojoint meditations with over one million participants.

A single person is hardly able to change something about the present world situation. A group of 1 000 skilled people, who point their energies towards peace in prayer can move a lot. 10 000 and more people can move great things and manifest peace on earth.

2017 - 2019: Specialization of individual groups on healing

Worldwide (sexual) abuse has reached unimaginable proportions. A specially trained group within the GPM cares for healing at the energetic level daily.

The following tasks need to be done in 2020.

1. Rework of knowledge.
To rework the necessary knowledge about the healing oft he world and each living being in courses and written copies.

2. Development and worldwide energetic network of the GPM.
All participants are being informed about consciousness and meditation techniques monthly via telephone conferences for free.

3. Establishment of a stable financial foundation.

What we need next

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Our world needs your help. Please join.

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Stephan Siddharta and the team of the global peace meditation.