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Funded World as a Garden

We are a group of 15 intl. young people, who have created a dance performance for social inspiration. Our dream to share diversity & culture through Europe in the form of workshops with youth to encourage social change through creative action.

N. Grimm from N. GrimmWrite a message

We are a group of 15 international young people studying together at the Youth Initiative Program, a new social entrepreneur training in Järna, Sweden, for youth aged 18 to 25 who want to create a positive social change in the world (

Over the past 8 months a group of us have started to dance and explore culture through movement under the guidance of Ediane de Lima, a former dancer and one of our peers from Brazil. We were not experienced dancers but over the past 6 months we have worked together to overcome challenges and the result was a successful performance in Järna at the Kulturhuset in March 2010.

We call our performance The World as a Garden, which represents the great potential for growth that each of us carries through our cultural diversity and unique capacities.

Our dream is to bring this story of diversity and culture through Europe by sharing workshops with youth to encourage action, and performing The World as a Garden.

In order to achieve this dream we need the funds to make travel for 15 people possible. We are asking for sponsorship for train travel, as that is the most sustainable means of transport, but there are still venue costs that we have to cover, and the cost of extending the flight of our amazing dance teacher Ediane!

By supporting us you are giving 15 international young people the opportunity to share a story of inspiration and a call for social change through creative action.

Meet the dancers on our web site: