Closed Buying sewing machines for widows

An aid project by John O. in Kitale, Kenya

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John O. (Project Manager)

John O.
This are women who lost their loved ones in the post election violence and sabot land defense.People killed their husbands and we have some of the women who survived these.So we are requesting if you can assist these women to get some sewing machines with costs 200 euros so that they can help then put some thing on the table for their kids.I took them to a nearby training institution that gave them the training.These project has ten widows now but the number can increase later but we prefer beginning with few ones first.If they get the sewing machines they can start small shops where they can sew clothes both of men and women and later sell them back to the society.They can earn upto 4euros a day and that can help them change their lives and forget the past.The challenges is how they can get some money to buy the machines and buy some materials to start the business.If you donates you would have saved a life of a mother and children whop are wright know starving to death.

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Location: Kitale, Kenya

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