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An aid project by Chunhong W. in Beijing, China

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Chunhong W. (Project Manager)

Chunhong W.
There are more than 60 million disabled people in China, more than 100,000 of them are autistic, according to statistics. The actual number, however, is much higher than that. Beijing alone has about 80,000 autistic children. The problem is that there is a lack of available professional treatment.

Regarding respect and life quality, mentally disabled people and their families face very special problems. In order to help them we let them develop their potential talent though art. Everybody has the right to develop one's potential talents. We can get a really high quality of life only when we follow our talent. For the mentally disabled people, it's not enough that we just make them to learn the normal skills and live a normal life. We are there for mentally disabled people and their families in Beijing. The creative art therapy is an integrative way which also makes us try our vest to make progress.

The therapies I use include:

*Creative art therapy
*Chinese medicine therapy
*Martial therapy
*Games training
*Social communication training
*Family therapy
*Mixing art training
*Occupational training

I offer private lessons and group lessons for all these therapies.

With these eight therapies, I cannot only help them with their problems to a large extent, but also improve their abilities which can make them better socially accepted. They can participate more fully in society, contribute to it while realising their own personal wroth.

The vision for the future is to set up the first art therapy centre for disabled people in China, where we will also train other people to become art therapists themselves. Because I have so much work, I work from Monday to Sunday with learning and mentally disabled people. Most of them have no money and cannot pay anything for the therapy lesson but they need my help.

More information:

Location: Beijing, China

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