Peace knowledge for a future without war

An aid project by “The Grace Foundation - Global Campus” (Kate B.) in Apartado, Colombia

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Kate B. (Project Manager)

Kate B.
Established in 2006 the Global Campus is an international university for peace with education sites in Colombia, Israel, Palestine and Europe. Its aim is to provide all-encompassing and relevant knowledge and practical skills to those striving for a future without war. Each education site comprises of training and education in conflict resolution, community development, sustainable energy technology, economics, water management, permaculture, women's empowerment and nutrition.
Since its inception the Global Campus has provided education and training to approx. 200 young people from crisis areas - offering a profound life perspective different to the extreme conflict they experience on a daily basis. Through the education each young person has the possibility to contribute to a world of peace and be part of a global community of dedicated peace workers.

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Location: Apartado, Colombia

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