Protect Chukwani'sTreasures

An aid project by “RAA - Brandenburg” (B. Mitawi) in Bambi und Dimani, Tanzania

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B. Mitawi (Project Manager)

B. Mitawi
For the last 2 years you have supported our partners in Zanzibar in protecting their educational treasures.

The school in Bambi, a village in the centre of the island, was equipped with windows and gates which will now protect computers, printers, the library and the science laboratory. In Chukwani school a wall will prospectivly prevent the botanical garden from being missused by animals or as dumping ground.

PROTECTING TREASURES means the conservation of values that we could establish with our partners during the last 20 years. Among those is the all- purpose- hall of Chukwani school where a new floor was buildes.

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Location: Bambi und Dimani, Tanzania

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