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Children from the streets of Mumbai need a home!

Mumbai, India

We need a piece of property in the Mumbai area so that we can help children from the street! Approximately 100,000 EUR are required!

J. George from Hope for the Nations e.V.
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Mumbai (India) - a city with more than 20 million people. Approximately 60% of these people live in slums. Children on the streets live without any perspective for there life - some of them don't have family, no chance to get education and no hope for a better life.

The assumption that people are divided into different castes makes people believe that they are not allowed to live a self-determined life, resigning to the fact that a life of oppression and dependancy is their fate.

"Hope for the Nations" wants to give hope to these people based on Christian principles. Hope for children, giving them clothes, food, education and love - these are some of the things that we do. The result should be: Independent people who shape their own life and passing on to their families what they have received from us.

There already are some examples that we can name where we have found children on the streets, who live an orderly, idependent life. No they, who didn't have parents, can be father and mother to children. They can provide for them what they need for life.

To be able to continue this work we urgently need a new piece of property. The laws of the Indian state of Maharashtra changed so that the requirement to be able to do a work like this have changed. That is why we need a piece of land of the size of approx. 1 Acre (0.4 ha). For this project we would like to raise funds and ask for your support!