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An aid project by “MAME CENTER OF ART AND MEDIA EDUCATION” (mame c.) in New York, USA

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mame c. (Project Manager)

mame c.
The civil war, which began in 1974, has had the effect of dispersing millions of men, women and children from Ethiopia that scattered to various countries around the world.

After decades living in the US, I recently returned to Ethiopia and found the living conditions had worsened to unbelievable horror. This country is the land of my birth, I was totally devastated, and Thus I decided to bring my contribution with the foundation of mame center of arts and media education.

The mame center is my contribution to the people of Ethiopia in the memory of my mother Mame Meressa, who passed away and left behind a dozen of adopted kids.I will follow her steps and extend the devotion to thousand more children.

Thank you for supporting the mission

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Location: New York, USA

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