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Closed Togoverein e.V. - Diabetes Project (Treatment)

Togoverein e.V. supports diabetic patients in Togo within the scope of humanitarian aid. We support projects for the treatment of patients and promote an effective Diabetes prevention programme.

S. Cam from Togoverein e.V.Write a message

For years, Togoverein e.V. has supported diabetic patients within the scope of humanitarian aid.

Our organization cooperates with Gudrun Aba Eklu, a committed German doctor, who is willing to take care of the Diabetes-Project. She is married to Abatevi Aba Eklu (a Togolese alternative practitioner). Together, they founded the AOZ (Afrikan Omnitherapeutical Centre). In this centre not only patients of various fields are looked after and but also medical students are trained. The centre is in the region of Lomé.

The African Omnitherapeutical Centre (integrated treatment with classic, alternative and traditional medicine) will launch a programme in order to prevent the rising numbers of Diabetes Type 2 in the future generations and to help those who already suffer from Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2. The programme “Prise en Charge Interdisciplinaire des Enfants Diabetiques” PCIED (English: Programme for the Education and Interdisciplinary Support of Diabetic Children) has the goal to enlighten and educate the Togolese population (especially children and young people) so that they adapt a healthy lifestyle. Another goal is the creation of personal living conditions that support such a healthy lifestyle. This programme plans to take care for 100 diabetic insulin-dependent children and 50 children with Diabetes Type 2.
Together, the African Omnitherapeutical Centre, Mrs. Dr. Gudrun Aba Eklu and Togoverein e. V., will implement the first measures to prevent the high number of Diabetes in Togo from rising. Diabetes is an underestimated disease which affects our everyday life and concerns more and more people. Diabetes is not only a disease of abundance – Diabetes becomes the fate of the poor. The consequences are dramatic. We need YOUR support in order to enable affected children an unburdened life and to educate the people of Togo on Diabetes.
Diabetes affects all of us. The difference is that the Western world has the means to treat and diagnose this disease whereas the people in Togo do not have this privilege. Let's make a change!

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