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Closed St.Barnabas Missions School and Children's Home

A project from Barnabas Missions Center and Children's Home
in Mombasa, Kenya

St.Barnabas Missions School and Children Home takes care of the orphans, the disabled and the vulnerable children. The children get education, have a place to call home, get food clothing, medical care and protected from child abuse.

Harrison G.
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About this project

Barnabas Missions Children Centre is located in Utange village – Kisauni district, approximately 20 km north of Mombasa City along Old Malindi Road.

St.Barnabas Missions school and children's home was started in September 2009 in Utange village -Bamburi.
I Lived around this area for a long time and saw how the children were,
During this time I discovered that large numbers of children and youths were orphans, others abandoned and could not go to school.
Many of the children were neglected, did not have enough food, did not go to school and had no place to call home. I saw young children dying in large numbers between 1996 and 2002 due to lack of medical care and support.
One reason why there are so many orphans is that a lot of adults are infected with HIV/Aids and die in a young age.
I was touched in an emotional way about the state of the children.
In 2007 I was employed in a private sector as a teacher near the children center, with an income of less than 70 Euro per month. I shared the income half way to help the orphans and to start the project.

The actual number of orphans is 40 these stay in their new built hostel. Over the years the project has grown, the total number children in our school is 190. We have Kindergarten 1 to 3 and grade 1 to 6 primary school.
We have another 30 children going to other primary schools but are supported in their education.
5 are students in high schools. They mainly come from poor families whose guardians could not pay for their education.

We now have two centers, the first one at utange and the second at Loma village Kiembeni. Barnabas main center has three classrooms, an office and another room for the kindergatten. We have a two roomed permanent hostel.

We have 12teachers, 9 at the main center at Utange and 3 teachers in our new center. We also have 2 house mothers who cook and take care of the children who are at the orphanage and during their free time.

Those to benefit are the orphans,the disabled and the vulnerable children. We have a lunch feeding programme for all the orphans, 75 in number; We give break fast, lunch and supper to the orphans who stay at the orphanage.

The biggest challenges are:

• Paying the working staff
• Buying enough food, clothes, and school supplies.
• The children come from very poor back ground, they can not afford paying school fees. This makes it difficult to pay our working staff.
Because of these challenges we came up with three sustainable projects:
1. Chicken project- Here we keep chicken for sale. The profit goes to feed the children among other needs.
2. Kitchen farm- Here we grow crops and vegetable to supplement our feeding budget. Recently we harvested corn.
3. Beauty art project- Here we make articles for sale to our locals but also abroad.
All these projects will benefit us once they are well funded.
Your donations mean so much to us.
No donation is small, any donation counts.