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Donate for a training center for organic farming in Tanzania!

For the construction of a training center of the Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), we need € 69,000 for the building. Future smallholders and farmers will be trained there in organic farming and ecological architecture.

Alim W. from Dörfer der Zukunft e.V.Write a message

Donate toward the building of a training center for ecologically-sustainable agriculture and ecological construction!

Since September 2013, the SAT (Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania) have been running the first training center for biologically sustainable agriculture for small farmers in Tanzania. The agricultural school is about 20 km outside of Morogoro in the small village of Vianzi. They use their 80 hectares of land to demonstrate sustainable agriculture to the interested public.

Local farmers take one week courses to learn the theory and practice of organic farming. Since the opening, which was attended by over 200 guests from 6 different countries, more than 1,000 students have been educated on the grounds of this training center (as of 10/2015). The students are mostly smallholder and women farmers, employees of other organizations and agricultural advisers of the Tanzanian government.

Project objectives

Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania wants to spread knowledge, and the latest innovative insights, about biological and sustainable agriculture. Ultimately, farmers will be able to implement sustainable livestock farming, organic farming and possibly - thanks to biological certification (PGS) - have a better income, enhanced food security and food equilibrium.

We want to construct the following training buildings at the school:

- Accommodation and school for apprenticeship "Organic Farming" (Three zero-energy buildings - one for each year of training)
- Accommodation for staff (A zero-energy building that offers space for 5 employees)

We need € 69,000 to construct the building to house the apprentices. It will be built with organic materials and house the training and give space for the trainees to live.

The association "Dörfer der Zukunft" is working here in Germany, together with SAT, to raises funds for this project in Tanzania.

The association has set itself the objective of maintaining socially and environmentally autonomous communities, which have medical and social facilities for sustainable operation and future-oriented education.

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