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Closed School meals for children from Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Closed School meals for children from Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

On 03.04.16 I will run Paris Marathon in order to raise enough money to pay the school meals for 100 children from slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With only 5 € one child can eat the whole month. And mostly this is their only meal per day. Help me, donat

Darko P. from Maria Cristina Foundation | 
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About this project

Hundred thousands of children are living in the slums of Dhaka in Bangladesh. They are living far below imaginable poverty. Almost without electricity and water, in far to small shacks with far too many people, in very bad hygiene conditions and often even without enough food.

Diseases, pain, and hunger are day-by-day part of the life.

And the children already lost the hope to be able to escape from there ever.

The poverty is forcing the parents to send 9 year old children off to hard work, 12 years old girls to marry, to bear the toothache, to drink infected water and to bear stomach pain due to worms inside.

But the most painful is their loss of hope.

Maria Cristina Foundation (MCF), charity organization registered in UK, has the only target to help those children. And the best way to help them is education.

MCF was established and is directed today by Maria Conceicao, an really extraordinary women totally determinate to the target to help with whole her heart.

But she is not only dedicated with her soul, she is also bringing her body to the edge of that what seems possible to human. She already climbed Mount Everest, she run 7 ultra marathons in 7 days and she is holding 6 Guinness World Records. All that just in order to raise money and to help those kids.

Today there are around 200 children for which MCF is actually paying the school fees. But there are still lots of things which are needed like for example transportation to the school, hygiene products or shoes (normal and sport shoes). But the worst is, there is not enough money to buy the school meals for the children.

Mostly the school meal is the only meal per day those children get. If they don’t eat in the school they starve.

For 5 € only per month one child can eat a complete month at school!

With this project I want to support Maria Cristina Foundation and raise the money for the school meals of 100 children from Slums of Dhaka for one year.

For that I need 6.000 €

Help me to reach this target!

These children are the hope that the situation in Dhaka's slums will be changed. They are at the same time the proof that the situation can be changed.

For 5 € only per month one child can eat a whole month at school!

For you this is as less as one box of cigarettes or one coffee at Starbucks.

For them it means one whole month without starvation.

At 03rd of April 2016 I will run Paris Marathon and I will run it for those children. I am not really a sports guy and I have for sure some overweight but I will cross my physical limits and I will finish the Marathon for them.

Donate now and help me to ignite sparks of hope in the hearts of those children.

More information abou Maria Cristina Foundation you can find here:

My blog (in german):

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Updated at 18. March 2020