Closed Rainbow Resource Center

An aid project by Kamiel V. in Kisumu, Kenya

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Kamiel V. (Project Manager)

Kamiel V.
The Rainbow Community Resource Center was founded in December 2009, when the the building was erected on the soil of Rota Village, currently Kisumu town North district.

The manager is Phillip Ogol, who is also a prominent youth leader in the area.

The Rainbow functions as a place for meetings of the youth group, and a breeding ground for smart ideas that are showcased in pilot projects.

Volunteers are very welcome and are likely to live in the center at no fee if they are willing to contribute their creativity and help kickstart a projects related to agriculture, income generation, education, or health.

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Location: Kisumu, Kenya

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  • Movie night in the community room of the Center.

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  • Playing children at the Rainbow

    Uploaded at 16-04-2012

  • Delivery of the building materials for Rainbow.

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  • Meeting of the Rainbow Committee, in April 2012 - before the community room was plastered.

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  • The Rainbow Team in April 2012

    Uploaded at 08-04-2012