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Support indigenous empowerment and food sovereignty in rural Guatemala

A project from INPN - International Non-Profit Network e.V.
in Rabinal, Guatemala

The Garden’s Edge supports sustainable agriculture, micro-enterprise, and education in rural communities in order to revitalize cultural knowledge and improve economic, independent well-being in rural Guatmala.

Sebastian R.
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About this project

With your support we want to contribute to the efforts of a small NGO in Rabinal, Guatemala, to strengthen local indigenous knowledge and culture, creating food sovereignty and workshops to fight child malnutrition and discrimination against women and indigenous Maya people.

The work of "Qachuu Aloom - Mother Earth Association" comprises not only support for sustainable community agriculture, micro-enterprise and seed saving, but also nutrition programming and education in rural communities in order to revitalize cultural knowledge and improve economic well-being, in a way that is responsive to community needs and capacity.

To be able to reach a higher number of people not only in Rabinal but the whole of Guatemala and other countries, Qachoo Aloom and its partner organisaton "The Garden's Edge" are working on a cultural film project to raise awareness for these issues.

"Lab’ises, Amaranto, Amaranth" is a cultural/ethnographic film project about the importance of the amaranth grain for indigenous Maya communities in Guatemala. This film project will tell the story of how amaranth has helped to improve community cohesion, economic opportunity, and nutrition outcomes in several Maya villages in Guatemala.

The idea is to expand the reach of the project so that more families can get involved. This includes the preparation and planting of a large field of amaranth in Rabinal, Guatemala, which would serve as an educational space for local farmers to learn about varieties of amaranth, how to grow and harvest, with Amaranth going to mothers and babies suffering from chronic malnutrition.

Furthermore financial support is needed for filming interviews with farmers, food historians and cultural leaders about the importance of amaranth and Qachuu Aloom’s nutrition programming around amaranth.

Future projects include the development of an interactive website and a social media presence to gather stories about seeds and their impacts on people's lives, and the creation of a recipe book to be developed by Maya farmers in Guatemala that will include the story of seeds as well as recipes and information about using amaranth.

The experience of growing these seeds together is the experience of being stronger together, and living in a community in this time of urgent need for change, and it can start with just a few seeds!

By supporting this project you are enabling even more families to find their way into a stable, better and self-governed life!

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We are very excited to be able to take you on this journey to Guatemala and would be grateful for your support, input and questions on the topic :)

All the best to you

Rosa, Annika, Sebastian, Natalia and Miriam