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Closed "lets pay fees for vulnerable mathare slum children"

A project from St. Rosa educational rescue centre
in Nairobi, Kenya

St rosa school is located at mathare slums in nairobi kenya with extreme vulnerable children who lack fee,food and poor structures.A helping hand with fundraising will greatly change their lives the school adress is 68526--0060 nairobi.

G. bii
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About this project

ST Rosa school is located in mathare slums in nairobi kenya.It has apopulation of about 300 children but about 150 are able to access education due to poor state of the children i beg for helping hands to assist these suffering kids to access education by paying them fees,feeding programme and improving their poor structures in form of classrooms.the performance in among these children is not impressive due to this challenges including uncomfortable clases.most of the children here have single parents others due to hiv and aids pandemic.i am calling upon all stakeholders or individuals to assist us in trying to get anwers to their problems.most of this children decide to be street children as a result ofthei vulnurability state.i believe if their needs will be considered the enrolment of children including school dropouts will icrease in a great pecentage.helping them will greatly change their lives and become useful members of the society istead of robbery which is common in slums.i hope this will be received with alot of consideration welcome all
the school adress are p.o box68526--00610 NAIROBI KENYA or contacts +25417033203/+25411661720.