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freihaven e.V. - psychotherapeutic help for traumatized migrants

A project from freihaven e.V.
in Hamburg, Germany

trauma therapy, psychotherapy with interpreter, charity, support, donations

E. Hampel
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About this project

The aim and purpose of freihaven e.V. [] is to improve the psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and psychosocial care of traumatized refugees and migrants.

Professional help such as psychotherapies in the mother tongue and/or mediated by interpreters are not or only insufficiently financed due to restrictions (§§ 4 and 6 AsylbLG) in the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act of 1993 and the cost reimbursement by the city of Hamburg, which has been suspended since 2011.

In Hamburg, psychotherapeutic support is financed by the social welfare office or by the health insurance company AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven, which is responsible for asylum seekers. Newly arrived asylum seekers are registered with this AOK, but it can take several weeks before insurance coverage is available. During this time, costs are only covered if the social welfare office confirms the urgent need for treatment. When an application for therapy is submitted to the AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven, it is first examined by the medical service of the health insurance company (MDK) or by an expert and then again by the social welfare office. A long way ... However, direct crisis intervention is often necessary; it is not covered by a health insurance. In addition, it is often important that a mental illness is also documented in a timely manner, e.g. in an asylum proceeding. 

In the meantime, the city of Hamburg has established and finances a so-called Interpreter-pool (at segemi); therapists can ask for respective languages here. This is very helpful. So freihaven e.V. can concentrate on financing psychotherapies / crisis interventions. We also finance psychotherapies for people who have no papers (identity card etc.) and therefore cannot get a health insurance card.

We organize trainings, seminars and conferences for all professional groups working with traumatized refugees. We initiate and promote corresponding research projects.

We promote and carry out measures to raise understanding for refugees, politically persecuted persons, migrants who are in need of psychotherapeutic support. We want to help ease their situation.

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