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Funded Shelter for Our Summer Camp

We need shelter to protect the children and us from the sun and rain!

K. Plump from BDKJ - Dekanat BremerhavenWrite a message

This is the summer camp organised by the Federation of German Catholic Youth (German abbreviation: BDKJ). Since 1970 we – about 30 volunteers and 100 children – go camping in North-East Germany for two weeks, during the summer holidays. We spend our days in the countryside while we play games, do sports and sleep in our 23 square meter tents. Nobody needs to stay hungry, because a warm meal a day is cooked by our cooking team. They, and a small groups of children, take care of our breakfast and dinner as well. The cooking team also provides drinks for everybody.

Every child aged between 8 and 17 is invited to join us! Families with less money, who want to send their children in our summer camp, are able to receive benefits by the city of Bremerhaven or their council. A lot of children who joined us for the summer holidays come back the next year. And so do the volunteers. Most of them spent their summer holidays in our camp too. The volunteers plan, prepare and conduct everything. There is a new schedule for the children every day. Our volunteers are trained leaders and holder of the Juleica (which is the short form for “Youth Leader Card”). They are aged from 18 up to over 40 years. The majority of them work in the social sector as teachers, educators and community workers or are students in these fields. This is why they commit their selves to the children and youths.

For the simple reason that we spend the whole day outside, we have the same problem every year: weather! It doesn’t matter if the sun is out or the rain is falling. We need shelter to play, eat or chill out. As you can imagine shelter for about 100 people is not easy to find and expansive. Because we are financed by subscriptions and subsidies, it is impossible for us to build up reserves. This makes it clear that we can not spend big amounts of money for new things.

From the donated money we want to buy a sustainable and secure shelter against the weather. More precisely it is a radial pavilion, which is TÜV-certified and approved for public events. This solution seems to be the best for our purpose. Another option is a big event tent, but this is even more expansive.

The tent is supposed to be used the main time in our summer camp and for events out of the summer camp. It could be used for promotion events or any kind of celebration. We also want to make the tent available for other youth groups.

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