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Closed A newborn incubator for Belovodsk in Eastern Ukraine

Bilowodsk, Ukraine

incubator, premature baby, Belovodsk

M. Beck from Brücke der Hoffnung e.V. Bremen | 
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About this project

The birthplace Belovodsk requires a new newborn incubator ideally with lung machine.

The effects of the war in Eastern Ukraine show for example in increased stress of the population, a rise in heart attacks, strokes and premature births. Children born prematurely have little chance of survival in too old incubators.

Recently, Sabine Adler from Deutschlandfund reported:

In Bilowodsk, a striking number of children are born premature. The war and the hardships stress expectant mothers.
For many premature babies, the necessary technology to help them survive is missing.

Hand in hand with Kathrin Kloppe and Sabine Adler we are collecting for this special purpose:
Incubator: 11.000 € incl VAT.
Lung machine: 15.000 € including VAT.

The transport of the unit to Bilowodsk will be organised in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in Berlin and the German Embassy in Kiev.
Updated at 18. September 2020